Did you know that the average “water footprint” in the Western world is around 5,400 liters per person, per day? That equates to each person consuming the amount of water in an Olympic swimming pool per year.

hrough the “water footprint calculator” app, you will be able to visualize how much water you use for your personal hygiene habits and also for your eating habits. The data provided is merely indicative, since consumption may vary from one country to another and depends on water availability and the other costs associated with producing food and other goods and services (clothing, electronics, appliances, transportation, energy, etc.) that we use each day.

The water footprint calculator was designed with the intention of inviting us to reflect on our consumption habits and their impact on natural resources; likewise, it encourages taking steps towards more sustainable habits.


How many minutes do you spend in the shower?

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How many times a week do you shower?

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Do you turn off the tap while you soap your body?

Did you know that having a shower instead of a bath allows you to save more than 170 liters of water?


How many times a day do you brush your teeth?

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Do you turn off the tap while doing so?

Did you know that every minute with the tap running you consume over 7 liters of water?


How many times a week do you run the dishwasher?

- +

Did you know that a high-efficiency dishwasher only consumes 15 liters of water?


How many times a week do you run the washing machine?

- +

Did you know that a washing machine consumes between 40 and 170 liters of water, depending on the washing cycle and whether or not it is high-efficiency?


What do you usually have for breakfast?

To reduce your water footprint, choose fresh, seasonal products that are local.


What do you usually have for lunch?

The less processed a product is, the less water is consumed in its production.


What do you usually have for dinner?

If you opt for a balanced diet, like the Mediterranean diet, increasing the amount of fruit and vegetables you eat, it will reduce your water footprint and improve your health.


liters per day

The water footprint calculation is merely indicative, since the internalization of water consumption in food production varies quite significantly between countries, depending on various factors such as water availability, costs of drinking water treatment or sanitation, energy costs, etc.

This little exercise is only meant to help us reflect on the impact that our personal hygiene or food habits at home can have in terms of direct water consumption (which comes from the tap when we turn it on) and virtual water consumption (which is hidden behind food production, based on the type of food or its origin).


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Click on each country to view the average daily water footprint per person

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